Vodafone Case Study: Sales Performance

Tabris AI helped Vodafone Italy reach their sales goals faster across their Display and Social operations. Within seven days, Tabris AI finished the setup phase and started optimizing.

After just one month of Tabris AI learning and optimizing, the Display monthly sales rose by 69% MoM, delivering one week ahead of time the monthly sales target, and the Social conversion rate rose by an average of 15% MoM over 6 months. This was possible due to an increase in impressions shaping and filtering yielding an improvement in conversion rate MoM during the last week of the month.

Furthermore, by using Tabris AI the marketing team had more insights into the campaign decisions and outcomes.


Display Uplift

+69% Sales MoM


Social Uplift

+15% Conv. Rate MoM over 6 months

Stefania Serafini
Digital Marketing Specialist

Tabris AI helped us in reaching our cost per acquisition goal for Google Display Network campaigns using both standard IAB creatives and Lead form ads. Thanks to a constantly making data-backed decisions system we are able to optimize delivery & costs improving traffic quality and leading to an increase in sales volumes.

Serena Gennaro
Digital Marketing Specialist

Tabris AI is a key partner for our acquisition campaigns. Thanks to this partnership we registered a huge increase of sales and a good decrease of CPS in social campaigns, improving delivery and reaching the right audience. Together we developed a process for making campaign insights more actionable with concrete results, especially using a deep learning data driven approach.

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